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CAD - Sheet Metal Design

  • AutoBid SheetMetal - software for sheet metal estimates, HVAC, by QuickPen
  • AutoForm - develops die face design, simulation software for automotive, sheet metal forming industries
  • AutoPOL - software for the design and unfolding of sheet metal parts, from FCC Software
  • CGTech - specializes in numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimization, CNC Machining technology
  • cncKAD - software package that covers major CNC operations for sheet metal like drafting, processing, AutoNest, and more, also offers multi language support, parametric programming, by Metalix
  • COPRA MetalBender - by data M
  • Corte Certo - panel and sheet cutting optimization software, generates efficient cutting plans on optimum sheet sizes for any material
  • Design to Fabrication - workflow helps contractors avoid cost overruns, material fabrication oversights, fabrication for AutoCAD MEP, CAD/CAM Solution, by EastCoast
  • EastCoast - CAD/CAM software for sheet metal, plumbing, HVAC, piping
  • Forming Technologies - developer of sheet metal forming applications, including the FAST Suite of metal forming simulation software
  • Futuris - leading automotive components manufacturer, provides high-end design, meticulous engineering and quality products to its customers
  • JETCAM Expert - programming system for punching, cutting, profiling, routing, composite cutting machine tools, from JETCAM
  • Lantek - software company providing CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions for the sheet metal and structural steel industry worldwide
  • Lantek Expert - sheet metal, profile cutting, punching software for CAM
  • Lantek Integra - management service for sheet metal industry
  • Logopress3 - provides efficient builds with increased productivity for die designers in areas like automotive, aerospace industries, based in Orlando, Florida
  • MicroFab Lab - division of leading micro-manufacturer Potomac Photonics, offers state-of-art micro fabrication facilities
  • NestLib - automatic nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on larger sheet, by Geometric 
  • PAM-STAMP - stamping service, covers tooling process from quotation through try-out validation, provides service for automotive, aerospace, by ESI
  • Plate 'n' Sheet Professional - range of steel plate, sheet metal shapes used in plastics, insulation industries, by R&L CAD Services
  • Plus 2D - nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap, by Nirvanatech
  • ProcessPlannerPlus - process planning software allowing direct viewing, editing of  trim curves, press orientation, cam angles, by AutoForm
  • Pro/ENGINEER NC SheetMetal - from PTC (sites)
  • Radan - sheet metal CAD/CAM software
  • Radbend - offline programming solution specialized in providing full 3D simulation of bending process, by Radan
  • Radnest - effective nesting package that enhances Redpunch or Redprofile, by Radan
  • Radpunch - machine independent solution that provides CNC programming tools by optimising punching machines, by Radan
  • Radraft - 2D drafting software that provides complete drafting, design needs, by Radan
  • Radtube - CAD/CAM system specialized in developing rotary, multi-axis cutting machines, by Radan
  • Sheet Lightning - unfolding of ducts, flue, chute and more, by RevCAD Software
  • Sheet Metal Guy - sheet metal fabrication tools and CAD software information for sheet metal fabricators and users of AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks; focuses on designing self-paced training books for all knowledge levels of 3D CAD software users
  • SigmaBEND - press brake software supporting different bending processes like air bending, die bending, 3-point bending, by SigmaTEK Systems
  • SigmaNEST - CAD/CAM nesting tool for cutting, punching machines, by SigmaTEK Systems
  • SigmaTEK Systems - offers CAD/CAM nesting system for all major cutting, punching, bending machines, Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH
  • SigmaTUBE - tube, pipe cutting software, operates seamlessly within SolidWorks, by SigmaTEK Systems
  • Solid Edge - contains a complete set of specialized sheet metal design aids, from design of sheet metal components, through flat-pattern development and the creation of engineering drawings, from PLM Solutions. (sites, reviews)
  • SPI - sheet metal design, Autodesk MAI partner
  • Striker Systems - makers of sheet metal folding and unfolding software
  • TopSolid’ Progress - CAD/CAM tool making software for blanking of sheet metal parts, generate 2D drafts, BOMs, drill tables, by Missler Software
  • TopSolid' Sheetmetal - CAD/CAM solution for designing, manufacturing sheet metal parts, by Missler Software
  • Trimble DuctDesigner 3D - allows users to quickly draw architectural, structural and HVAC systems, creates multiple isometric and plan views, performs collision-checking, and automatically downloads nests of parts to your plasma cutter
  • WiCAM - CAD, CAM Software for sheet metal manufacture and automation