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Structural Analysis
  • Accuframe Systems - software system for making visual framing templates used in construction
  • Anaglyph - provides cutting-edge technology, engineering consultancy services relating to industrial design, analysis, manufacture, advanced structural applications, more
  • AxisVM - fine element software for linear, nonlinear and buckling analysis of structures, from Inter-CAD Kft.
  • Beam 2D - detailed analysis of complex beams in static bending by Orand Systems
  • Beam!2D - linear analysis of plane frames for Windows with a fully graphical interface, by Vagelis Plevris
  • Bricsnet Structurals - analysis of beams, frames, plates, joints, concrete
  • Cadre Geo - design utility for generating geodesic, spherical 3D for CAD or finite element analysis
  • CADRE Pro - finite element analysis tool for structural engineers, by CADRE Analytic
  • CSC - structural software, makers of TEDDS, FASTRACK, S-Frame, OrionRC, 3D+, Orion, FabTrol
  • CADS - UK company offers structural analysis, design and detailing
  • Digimat - nonlinear multi-scale material, structure modeling platform focused on material design, by e-Xstream
  • Dr. Software - creator of Dr. Beam and Dr. Frame for engineers, architects and students (reviews)
  • Dynabilt Technologies new - manufactures, distributes patented modular steel insulated panelized housing, offers structural design solutions in form of green building system
  • Engineering Software Solutions - software tools for 2D truss analysis static/dynamic, 2D frame analysis, Kernel files,
  • EngineersToolbox (ETBX) - modules include solid mechanics, dynamics, controls, fatigue, fracture and numeric methods, by Engrasp
  • Fastract Building Designer - steel building design software with leading BIM platforms, by CSC
  • Free Structural Design Software - offers more than a dozen structural design and analysis utilities
  • Graitec - provider of professional CAD and structural engineering design software for construction industry
  • GRAITEC Advance - software platform based on CAD Analysis and Design, for verification and optimization of structures
  • GT STRUDL - design and analysis for utility, transportation, offshore, industrial and civil works facilities, with interactive graphics, links to CAD systems and a library of 100 element types
  • Integer - UK makers of a structural software suite that includes analysis, steel design, concrete design, detailing and bridge analysis
  • Isogrid-SST - software stool for isogrid and related structures, developed by PS Associates
  • Laminate Tools - addresses the entire design-analysis-check manufacture group process of structural design, helps creating laminates and checking lay-up visualizations, by Anaglyph
  • LMS International - makers of software for multi-channel data acquisition and analysis, from mobile units to large-scale laboratory systems
  • LMS Virtual.Lab - integrated suite of 3D FE, multi body modeling software that optimizes the performance of mechanical systems, by LMS
  • OptiStruct - CAE technology for design synthesis, structural optimization, by HyperWorks
  • Orion - software automates the design of concrete buildings, provides clear and consistent documentation, automated FE, frame analysis by CSCworld
  • MasterSeries - offers range of structural analysis, design, drafting, detailing software, located in County Antrim, UK
  • mTAB*STRESS - FEA software from Structural Analysis, Inc.
  • Multiframe - structural design for civil engineering by Formation Design Systems
  • REI (Research Engineers International) - makers of STAAD.suite, a family of software that integrates modeling, analysis, design, results verification, component design and view, markup and compare; and Sectionwizard, a tool to calculate section properties for custom and assembled shapes
  • Rescol Seismic - calculating soil-structure interaction, soil properties
  • RISA 3D - structural engineering, designing software for frame, truss, plate, shell analysis, design, by RISA Technologies
  • ROBOT - Windows-based structural analysis software features finite element modeling, advanced analysis methods and a full range of report generation facilities, from Integrated Structural Software.
  • Scia Engineer - all-in-one platform featuring strong 3D modeling, state-of-the-art finite element engine, integrated multi-material code design and reporting tools, by Nemetschek
  • SDS/2 - software to the fabrication, detailing and engineering sectors of the steel industry by Design Data
  • S-Frame - structural analysis software, performs finite element analysis, by CSC
  • SI Xchange - tool for transferring models in Revit structure to STAAD.Pro, aids in analysis, design, by Structural Integrators
  • SkyCiv Structural 3D - Cloud based Structural Analysis Software that requires no installation or maintenance - simply access through a web browser. Also includes Beam, Truss and Frame Analysis software.
  • SPACE GASS - a general purpose structural analysis, design program for 2D and 3D frames, trusses, grillages and beams
  • StrucPLUS - CAD solutions for the structural engineer and designer
  • Structural Desktop - converts design files into objects and extracts drawings from an object model for structural contract documents
  • StruEngineer - structural engineering software, enables 3D steelwork modeling, construction management, by AceCad Software
  • Tedds - structural design calculation software, by CSC
  • Tekla Structures - 3D program for creation, management of building models for steel, concrete, structural design professionals
  • Third Wave Systems - offers modeling technology and machining solutions to products and services like AdvantEdge, CAE provider, based in Minneapolis
  • TOSCA Structure - topology optimization for design proposals for weight, stiffness, frequency behavior, by FE Design
  • Ventyx - supplier of industrial enterprise software useful for energy, mining, public infrastructure, defense, oil, gas and petroleum industries