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Heat Exchanger Software
  • 4D Mechanical - collection of programs for designing, optimizing, verifying pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, by CEA Software
  • ASME UHX+TEMA Heat Exchanger Software - adds ASME UHX, TEMA shell, tube mechanical design calculations, drawings, reports to COMPRESS, from Codeware
  • Codeware - makers of pressure vessel, heat exchange software, including COMPRESS for design, rating, costing, drafting
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design(DHex) - software tool for determining chemical design calculations of double pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers, from WeBBusterZ Engineering
  • Energy2D - interactive, visual multiphysics simulation program that models all 3 modes of heat transfer-conduction, convection, radiation
  • Hexact - heat exchanger design software allows selection of right heat exchanger, from Danfoss
  • HTRI Xchanger Suite - offers components for heat transfer, associated calculations of heat exchangers, fired heaters
  • MT-Exchange - heat exchanger design software for mechanical design, stability check of shell & tubes heat exchangers, rating analysis of heat exchanger, from Techno Trade
  • On-Line Heat Exchanger Sizing - program calculates heat load of liquid-liquid, gas-gas, liquid-gas, evaporator or condenser application, outlet temperature or process flow rate of one side of exchanger, from Beacon Engineers Free
  • Prode - process simulation, fluid flow analysis, heat exchangers design, calculation of properties of pure fluid, mixtures
  • PV Elite - software for pressure vessel, heat exchanger design, analysis, evaluation
  • SSP - software for calculating advanced heat exchange, by SWEP
  • SYSWELD - welding, assembly, heat treatment predictive simulation software, from ESI
  • ThermoComp - mechatronic solution to thermal errors, from Aerotech
  • UniSim Heat Exchangers - program for thermal design, simulation of heat exchange equipment, by HTRI
  • Xfh Ultra - software for rating, simulating fired heaters, from HTRI