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FEA - Electromagnetic
  • ANSYS Maxwell - electromagnetic field simulation software for designing electric motors, actuators, sensors, electromagnetic devices
  • CalcuQuote - RFQ management system designed for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry, based in Dallas, TX
  • CANEL Corporation - makers of JMAG-Studio, software for magnetic field analysis 
  • CEMExpert - electromagnetics software for studying physics of interaction of electromagnetics wave with matter, by Zeus Numerix
  • Computer Simulation Technology (CST) - develops, markets software for 3D electromagnetic simulation
  • Efield - offers modeling/simulation environment for 3D analysis of electromagnetic applications
  • ElecNet - 2D/3D electric field simulation software based on FEA methods, by Infolytica 
  • EMAG - electromagnetic module of general-purpose finite element-based program NISA, from Cranes Software
  • EMS - magnetic, electric field modeling, simulation software for calculating magnetic, electric field, flux, electric potential, voltage, current, magnetic force, from EMWORKS
  • EMWaveZ - FVTD electromagnetics simulation module to solve 3D Maxwell's equations in scattered field formulation, computations of radar cross-section, by Zeus Numerix
  • FEKO - suite for electromagnetic, antenna analysis, geometry modeling, generalization of GO, PBC, FEM modal ports, more, by EMSS
  • Field Precision - manufacturers of FEA tools for electrostatics, magnet design, microwave equipment, permanent magnets, charged particle devices, shock hydrodynamics
  • Flux - thermal simulation software for handling 2D/3D designs of electromagnetic devices, by Cedrat
  • HFWorks - antenna, electromagnetic simulation software for RF, Microwave, mm-wave, high frequency, high speed electrical, electronics devices, from EMWORKS
  • Infolytica - electromagnetic software for high, low frequency devices, tools like MagNet, ElecNet
  • Integrated Engineering Software - electromagnetic simulation software
  • JMAG - simulation software for development, design of electrical devices
  • MagNet - 2D/3D electromagnetic field simulation software, by Infolytica
  • Master Electronics - distributor of electromechanical, interconnect, passive components, headquartered in Santa Monica, CA
  • MaxFEM - open source software to solve electromagnetic problems using finite element method
  • Opera FEA - simulation software for creating electromagnetic designs
  • OptiNet - automated design optimization software, helps gather optimal values for different design variables, by Infolytica Corporation
  • PAM CEM - electromagnetic compatibility simulations software for automotive, aeronautics, railways, telecommunication sector, by ESI Group pdf
  • Quick Field - design of electro-mechanical devices, general electromagnetic simulation, by Testa
  • Remcom - provides wireless propagation, electromagnetic simulation software, consulting services
  • Tech-X Corporation - addresses specific research questions, delivers quantifiable results related to plasma physics, fusion, accelerator technologies, headquartered in CO
  • USim - general purpose, high resolution shock capturing method for fluid plasma modeling, by Tech-X Corporation
  • Vorpal - simulates physical phenomena, including laser wakefield accelerators, plasma thrusters, high-power microwave guides, electromagnetic, simulations of particles, fluids for 1D, 2D, 3D geometries, by Tech-X Corporation
  • VSim - flexible, multiplatform, PIC simulation tool for running computationally intensive plasma, electromagnetic, electrostatic problems, by Tech-X
  • XFdtd - simulation software package for modeling, includes parameterization control, runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, by Remcom