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FEA - Tutorials
  • ANSYS Short Tutorial - introductory ANSYS tutorial about static truss problem, by Rajesh Bhaskaran, Cornell University
  • CMISS - tutorials on CM computational engine, introduction to CMISS syntaxes, commands, also finite element techniques
  • CMSML - offers FEA, CFD tutorials for professionals
  • CMU Mini-FEA - online, flash-based tutorial for students, instructors
  • EMRP - FEA tutorials with meshing equations, by Radek Slesinger of Czech Metrology Institute
  • ExpertFEA.com - step-by-step PDF tutorials in ANSYS Workbench
  • FEA for All - tutorials related to ANSYS, midas NFX
  • FEA Professor - resource for finite element analysis training videos
  • FELIPE - software learning package for FEA, helps professionals for analysis, research
  • John Baker - resource for ANSYS tutorials, includes discussion on topics such as heat transfer, fluid mechanics, statics, solid mechanics, vibrations
  • LISA FEA - beginners guide to FEA tools, applications with modeling tutorials
  • SDC - FEA tutorials
  • SimScale - tutorials from beginner to advanced simulation concepts
  • Structural Dynamics - software tools, tutorials for FEA, subscription required
  • Value Design Consulting - tutorials about introduction to FEA, pre-processing, post-processing, work FEA examples
  • WaveFEA - video tutorials related to bolted connectors, solid axisymmetric modeling, shell symmetry modeling