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  1. TurboCAD.com - website of TurboCAD maker IMSI/Design
  2. TurboCAD Reading Room - feature articles, tutorials, reviews and news about TurboCAD, by CADdigest.com (owned by TenLinks, Inc.)
  3. Textual Creations - well stocked gallery, tutorials for several versions of TurboCAD, by Donald B. Cheke
  4. Winston's TurboCAD Page - TurboCAD user assistance through articles, tools, tutorials, other resources, hosted on CADCourse.com
  5. TurboCADables - over 60 downloadable hatch patterns including wood, siding, shingles, glass, water, swamp, stipples, textures, circles, and geological patterns, color palettes
  6. CADCourse.com - TurboCAD reseller offers TurboCAD support, training, downloads (most for sale) and links
  7. BCiTool - general information and news, and also houses add-on software for TurboCAD (both freeware and commercial, links to TurboCAD FAQ's, previously David's Snaffled FAQ) and TurboCAD developer resources )
  8. TurboCAD To-go - gallery, tutorials, tips and links
  9. TurboCAD-File-Library Cooperative - allows users to upload/download TurboCAD symbols, hatches, materials, meshes, models, templates, other files
  10. Digital Reality with CAD - gallery by Jim Pennington
  • Tom's TurboCAD VBA Topics - TurboCAD, VB, VBA, and related subjects (site no longer maintained)
  • smg design - TurboCAD image gallery of welders, CNC unit, shears, ripper, laser, more, by Stuart Goddards

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