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  • ActiveZ - see active depth graphically, by Axiom
  • Australian Data Systems - several productivity tools for MicroStation, technical tips tricks
  • AutoTrack - models swept paths of all types of steered vehicles, including articulated, drawbar trucks in loading areas, junctions, aircraft on taxiways, rear, combination steered vehicles, from Savoy Computing Services
  • Bentley's directory of 3rd party software - downloads, support tools, more
  • Bentley CADscript - WYSIWYG generation, publishing to create presentation-quality maps from MicroStation
  • Bentley MAPScript - scaleable, server-based digital output management solution for publishing, printing, plotting
  • Bentley MX Solutions - interoperable database that enables users to work in MicroStation, Microsoft Windows, AutoCAD environment
  • Bentley Plant Products - Bentleys flexible comprehensive plant solutions based on MicroStation AutoCAD
  • CAD2PDF - plots text-searchable PDFs from AutoCAD MicroStation drawings, by Layton Graphics
  • CadCells.com - cell, block libraries for MicroStation, AutoCAD used in architecture, process, electrical, civil, structural engineering
  • CellManager - manage MicroStation cell libraries, by Axiom
  • CellRandomizer - random MicroStation cell size placement, by Axiom
  • Detail Manager PLUS-web edition - utility to reuse standard CAD details from AutoCAD, MicroStation, from Mill Creek Systems
  • DgnCompare - view design file differences, by Axiom
  • DGN Conform Suite - MicroStation design file integrity checker, by Corporate Montage
  • DotSoft - makers of XL2CAD, links Excel spreadsheets to CAD, member Bentley Developer Network
  • DualCAD - software that can read, write edit MicroStation DGN files AutoCAD DWG files, from Pangaea CAD Solutions
  • Dual-screen Window Manager - eliminate dialog boxes split across dual screens, by Axiom
  • Duplicate Element Remover - removes duplicate near-duplicate MicroStation elements, by Axiom
  • Eagle Point- architectural, engineering construction software
  • English-to-Metric - units conversion, by Axiom
  • Fence Undelete - recover deleted MicroStation elements, by Axiom
  • FileFixer - fixes MicroStation files that can't be opened, translated, deleted more, by Axiom
  • GDM Software - quality assurance, control tools for CADD files for MicroStation, AutoCAD, custom MDL development
  • GEOPAK - civil roadway design
  • Global File Changer - make changes to multiple design files, by Axiom
  • Graphstore - asset management products for AutoCAD MicroStation, including eCADLite, which reads, writes edits DGN files
  • HLB Technology, Inc. - makers of the add-ons MD-Mechanical Drafting Package for drawing detailing; MD-StructuralPRO Drafting Package for structural detailing, MD-SpellCheckerPRO
  • InstantDiskSpace - frees disk space, by Axiom
  • Intersection Fixer - fixes MicroStation line intersections, by Axiom
  • J.P. Lanaux - makes Quick-PIPE, Quick-STEEL MicroStation add-ons for piping, structural steel
  • LuciadiCAD - web-based application to view MicroStation DGN files in tandem with associated database data, over any corporate network
  • Microsoft Office Importer - import link spreadsheet data into MicroStation, by Axiom
  • OpenPlant - 2D/3D plant design engineering tool, by Bentley
  • PacifiCAD - engineering software for civil engineering, GIS mining industries that work with Autodesk, Bentley software
  • Problem Element Viewer - view problem elements found by FileFixer or EdG!, by Axiom
  • RASPATH - removes path to raster reference files for MicroStation V7, from Mill Creek Systems. Free.
  • RedAlert - file corruption detection, reporting utility for MicroStation V7, from Mill Creek Systems. Free.
  • RefFence - edit MicroStation reference files clipping boundaries after they’re attached, by Axiom
  • RefManager - solves MicroStation reference file problems, by Axiom
  • RefMerge - merge a design file its reference files into a single design file, by Axiom
  • RefWriter - write to a reference file with the click of a mouse, by Axiom
  • RenamePlus - rename any group of files using character substitution commands, by Axiom
  • SafetyCheck - cleans certifies MicroStation design files, by Axiom
  • SequenceEditor - control display of overlapping elements, by Axiom
  • SMARTEAM - MI Integration - MicroStation integration for SMARTEAM environment for collaborative PDM
  • SpecChecker - performs quality assurance checks on MicroStation files, by Axiom
  • SpecMonitor - standardizes MicroStation files as they are being created, by Axiom
  • SpellCheckerPlus for V8 - MicroStation spelling checker, by Axiom
  • SPLASH - storm/sanitary sewer design software for MicroStation, from Digital Software, Inc.
  • TimeTracker - tracks active time spent in editing, usage of MicroStation drawings, from Mill Creek Systems
  • Title Block Manager - tool for batch changes in MicroStation title blocks, by Axiom
  • TriModeler - software designed to facilitate HVAC, plumbing electrics projects, from Syspro
  • Version Manager - retain past versions of MicroStation files, by Axiom
  • VisionCivil - software with DTM, COGO to visualize terrain from different angles, apply triangulation method, produce profiles, sections plans, pipes network, by Geo-Plus

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