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VBA for AutoCAD

  1. VBCAD.com - several VBA routines for downloading, plus tips, screen cams and more. By VB CAD.
  2. searchVB.com - offers a VBA-specific search engine, numerous programming resources for developers, plus VB news, links, tutorials and forums. From TechTarget.com.
  3. VBA Code Snippets for AutoCAD - free codes by JTB World
  4. Contract CADD Group- VBA for AutoCAD, AutoLISP and VB downloads
  5. AfraLisp - nicely documented tutorials for VB and VBA, plus AutoLISP, VisualLISP, by Kenny Ramage
  6. Introduction to VBA for AutoCAD - ebook available for sale by HyperPics (miniguide available for free here)
  7. Writing AutoCAD Macros with VBA - sample chapter of book by Jeffrey Clark
  8. Mastering AutoCAD VBA - book for sale by Amazon
  9. cadstudio - downloadable VBA modules for AutoCAD
  10. VBA for AutoCAD - training course, by AMS