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  1. Autodesk - lots of good information from the creators of AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD Reading Room - feature articles, tutorials, tips and tricks, reviews and news about AutoCAD, by CADdigest.com (owned by TenLinks, Inc.)
  3. Autodesk Labs - pre-release software, handy utilities, more, by Autodesk
  4. CADdepot.com - shareware for AutoCAD with hundreds of AutoLISP, ADS, ARX software (owned by TenLinks, Inc.)
  5. Cadalyst - articles, reviews, downloadable code, more, by Questex Media
  6. AllExperts: AutoCAD - volunteers available to answer your AutoCAD questions for free
  7. All About AutoCAD - covers articles, news , tutorials, tips and tricks for AutoCAD, also has many AutoCAD related books
  8. cad nauseum - huge list of AutoCAD related links
  9. ActiveDWG - tips and tricks plus free downloadable utilities
  10. The Autodesk File - Autodesk founder John Walker tells the history of AutoCAD (last updated 1994)


  • Upfront eZine - weekly newsletter by Ralph Grabowski
  • Cadoplis.com - AutoCAD shareware, forums, links
  • CadGuruCool - tutorials, Q&A, LISP Projects, tips and trick and even some humor

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