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Okino NuGraf - elder brother of Okino PolyTrans|CAD, including poly reduction, rendering, scene composition, CAD optimization.
  • 3D Evolution - data translation between CATIA, Siemens NX, Pro/E, I-deas, SOLIDWORKS, JTOpen, STEP, more, by CoreTechnologie
  • 3D InterOp - CAD file translation of solid, surface, wireframe data between CATIA V4 Dassault
  • 3D Transvidia - repairs 3D models created in different CAD systems, helps in removing geometric, topological flaws during data translation
  • ABViewer - software for viewing, editing, converting, measuring, printing DWG, other CAD files, from CADSoftTools
  • Acc-u-Trans - exchanges CAD data between CATIA, Unigraphics, IDEAS, Pro/Engineer, provides preserves feature history, modifiable features, by TTI
  • Acme CAD Converter - batch DWG converter for converting DWG to PDF, WMF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, SVG, CGM
  • Artwork Conversion Software - provider of translation services for variety of databases
  • BackToCAD - offers viewing, printing, converting CAD formats, based in Clearwater, FL
  • CADCAM-E - CAD/CAM data exchange products for CATIA, Unigraphics, ACIS, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, rapid prototyping
  • CADdoctor - desktop application software for 3D data translation, PDQ validation, repair, transformation, by Elysium
  • CAD Exchanger - software for exchanging product assembly structures, B-Rep, polygonal representations, properties, materials, colors, other meta data
  • CADfix - software solution for CAD model translation, repair, healing, defeaturing, and simplification, by ITI
  • CADIQ - CAD assembly analysis, comparing CAD assembly structure, by ITI
  • CADlook - view, inspect, measure, mark up CAD files, convert between different CAD formats
  • CADMOVER - convert between several vector, raster formats such as DWG, HPGL, BMP, MiniCAD, for both Macintosh, PC, by Kandu Software
  • CADverter - brand for data translation products, by Theorem Solutions 
  • Capvidia - software for CAD data repair including 3D TransVidia/SW, 3DVision and FlowVision, also offers data translation from various CAD systems to CATIA, SolidWorks
  • CompareVidia - specialized application to compare, validate CAD model integrity at different stage of product life cycle, by Capvidia
  • CrossManager - stand alone software that converts files from most CAD formats, by Datakit
  • CoreTechnologie - 3D CAD data conversion software, shares engineering data in PLM process 
  • dacis - conversion between AutoCAD (DXF), SICAD (SQD) by ökon
  • DATAKIT - translation of CAD, CAM, CAE data, handles attributes, features, FD&T, history tree, piping, harness
  • DEXcenter - provides CAD data exchange system with automation capabilities, by ITI
  • Direct Translator - push-button, native CAD-to-CAD data translation solution, supports STEP, IGES, by Elysium
  • Elysium - makers of CADporter, line of CAD data converters, healers for interoperability among numerous CAD programs, CADtown includes CADporter, data translation software, CADdoctor, software for data healing within original CAD information
  • EnSuite-Lite - multi-CAD software for viewing all major CAD formats, translate to standards like IGES, STEP, 3D PDF, from CCE
  • Exchange - translator program allows translating from CAD input formats to other output formats, from Delcam
  • FME Desktop - tool for data integration, productivity, from Safe Software
  • gbXML - Green Building XML is open XML schema of International Alliance of Interoperability's aecXML Group, The gbXML schema enables integrated interoperability with architectural 3D CAD, BIM software for green building design, from GeoPraxis
  • HarmonyWare - makers of STEP, IGES, VDAFS data translation libraries that allow users of GeomWare's Nlib, IntegrityWare's POPLib and TSLib, Solid Modeling Solutions' SMLib to import, export geometry, topology information
  • HOOPS Exchange - CAD data translation toolkit, from Tech Soft 3D
  • IMService - International Machining Service - tools, services include, entry level CAD/CAD software, IGES to DXF translation software, simulation, setup reduction, manufacturing (MRP) systems improvements
  • JT to 3DXML CADverter - database converter, creates product structure, meta data, geometry, by Theorem Solutions
  • Kubotek Validation Tool - CAD validation tool to identify changes in CAD translations
  • LinkCAD - CAD translator supports various file formats like CIF, DXF, GDSII, ASCII Data, more
  • MagicCheck - opens major 3D CAD formats, compares geometry against authority CAD model, produces geometric analysis reports for product acceptance, by TransMagic
  • muldrato - automated software solution for text translations in CAD drawings
  • NGRAIN Transformer - extends life of 3D CAD data by converting it to NGW, reducing entry cost of 3D
  • NuGraf - all capabilities of PolyTrans plus caustic renering, perspective matching, by Okino Computer Graphics
  • Numerical Innovations - specializing in layout visualization, CAD translators
  • ODX SDX - open data exchange library supporting files to read, write native CAD data like CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Pro/E, by CCE
  • OpenDESC - data logistics manager handles data conversion to data transfer, importing data into respective customer systems, from PROSTEP
  • OpenDXM GlobalX - Web-based data exchange platform provides managed file transfer
  • Patchwork 3D - 3D CAD modeling software for transforming CAD data into photorealistic 3D models for industrial use, from Lumiscaphe
  • PDF to DWG - converter works with PDF drawings created in AutoCAD applications, allows downloading converted file to iPhone or iPad, by Cometdocs.com
  • PolyTrans|CAD - convert, optimize major 3D BREP-based CAD formats, DCC/animation formats, by Okino Computer Graphics
  • Power SubD - NURBS converts Sub-D models into a NURBS-based format, by nPower
  • PROSTEP - CAD/PLM consulting firm offer functions for publishing 2D/3D content on web, based in Darmstadt, Germany
  • Radialsoft - makers of Catia2SolidWorks, for CATIA to SolidWorks translation, and Euclid2SolidWorks, for Euclid to SolidWorks translation
  • Scan2CAD - allows converting CAD/CAM file type like images, PDFs to industry standard file-types such as DXF, DWG
  • SimSwapper - simulator swapper, command line options translator for engineers to re-use simulation regression scripts with simulators from multiple EDA vendors, from SynaptiCAD
  • SolidView - software for viewing, translating CAD data to standard formats for CAM, rapid prototyping
  • STEP Tools - libraries for converting STEP to various formats including Parasolid, ACIS, XML
  • Tailor Made Software - enterprise software for server-based conversion, data manipulation/extraction of DWG (including A2008), DXF, PDF, DGN, etc to DWF, PDF, DWF/x, many other formats, API available
  • Theorem Solutions - makers of data exchange products, includes CADverter, CADviewer, Data eXchange Navigator (DXN), CADhealer
  • TransMagic - offers tools needed for multi-CAD data exchange, includes translation, geometry repair, visualization, quoting
  • Trix RasterServer - multi-user batch conversion of DWG, DXF, HPGL, MS Office, more to legible PDF, TIF, CALS, JEDMICS C4, BMP, other raster formats, from Trix Systems
  • Validate - provides CAD model translation validation by comparing authority CAD model to translated CAD model, from Verisurf
  • Viewplot - standalone tool works as CAD viewer, translator, editor, allows inspecting various CAD formats, take measurements,  manipulate data, from Roneda PCB Design Consultancy
  • Visual Inspect - CAD converter for loading huge data sets, from FARO
  • XMatic - CAD translation software for design to test, inspection, by Acculogic