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Industrial Design

  • Avadium - product design consultancy located in Scottsdale, Arizona offering product design, industrial design, product development services
  • Avance - industrial design, CAD engineering, rapid prototyping service provider, based in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • BRT Solutions - offers CAD, CAM, CAE solutions, industrial designs and product development services, Montreal
  • CADISON - offers plant design, building engineering, data management services, based in Germany
  • Creative Engineering - consultancy firm offering concept, prototype, design, manufacturing services, based in New York
  • D&K - provider of industrial design, contract design, manufacturing services, based in San Diego, California
  • INAS - technical consulting center in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE for design and engineering services for industrial applications including automotive, heavy equipment, nuclear and defense, located in Romania
  • Lore - provides engineering, industrial and mechanical design, research and development, CAD/CAE, testing services, and prototypes, located in Toronto, Ontario
  • Optimal Design - IoT focused digital consultancy firm offering industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, manufacturing services, based in Chicago, Illinois
  • PDD - product design and innovation consultants, specializing in innovative product design, industrial design, design engineering, CAD and rapid prototyping to create consumer appliances, more, based in UK
  • Simtek Technologies - provides end-to-end engineering services that includes product designing, modeling, engineering analysis, more, headquartered in Chennai, India
  • Tarlow Design - consumer product design, inventor assistance, offshore manufacturing, modeling, prototypes, located in Corte Madera, California
  • TransForm Design - specializes in industrial design, including solid and surface modeling, located in Washington, D.C.