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CAD History

  1. The History of CAD - detailed, decade by decade timeline, Marian Bozdoc
  2. Brief Overview of History of CAD - pdf CAD history by David E. Weisberg
  3. Fourmilab - John Walker, founder of Autodesk, tells the history of AutoCAD
  4. Cadazz - account of CAD history and look in it's likely future
  5. 25 Year Retrospective, Part 2 CAD/CAM/CAE - highlights of computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering, Phil LoPiccolo, CGW, Feb 2002 (may require free registration)
  6. AutoCAD Release Gallery - changes to AutoCAD throughout the years, includes screenshots of older versions, by Shaan Hurley
  7. Evolution of CAD - digital engineering article by David Cohn
  8. Brief Description and History Of Medusa - by Todd Spraker
  9. Brief History of AutoCAD - article about origin of AutoCAD, AutoCAD applications, more by Luke Kennedy
  10. Hardware Timeline of CAD - rise of workstations, history of CAD by Jon Stevenson