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  • 3D Engineer - general information about SolidWorks, tutorials, more by Christopher McAndrew

  • 3D Mojo - about 'product information everywhere' by Seemage

  • 3D Roadie - about 3ds Max by Autodesk's Shawn Hendriks

  • The 3D Scan - information about 3D scanning, design, reverse engineering, inspection more, by Rob Glassburn

  • Adris Blog - blogs covering AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor topics, by multiple authors

  • AEC UK - about architectural, engineering, construction industry in UK

  • Alibre Blog - corporate blog

  • All Things BIM - blogs related to BIM, Revit, architecture, ArchiCAD, visualization more by James Van

  • Amalgamation - blog about Autodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Suites, Autodesk Smoke, by Gary Davis

  • Angel's Civil 3D Thoughts - about Autodesk Civil 3D by Angel Espinoza of Ketiv

  • Anna's SolidMuse - about SolidWorks

  • Arch + Tech - tips, instructions, video on art of mastering Revit by Phil Read
  • archiCADmonkey - Apollo Spiliotis' blog on ArchiCAD, technology, best practices, tutorials, podcast  
  • ArchiCAD SADC - archiCAD tips, tricks, by multiple authors
  • The Architect's Desktop - using Autodesk Architectural Desktop by David Koch

  • Architectural Evangelist - focuses on real estate trends, research, news, for AEC firms

  • Archoncad - about Vectorworks, by Jonathan

  • ASCENT Blog - topics include engineering, architecture, design insight featuring software, by Elvis Sverko, Martha Hollowell, Jennifer MacMillan

  • Autodesk Blogs - news, tips, resource about Autodesk

  • AutoCAD DevBlog - online resource for software developers dealing with AutoCAD, Autodesk technologies

  • AutoCAD Electrical Etcetera - by product architect for AutoCAD Electrical, Nate Holt (formerly Controlling Machine)

  • AutoCAD Insider - about AutoCAD, Autodesk by Heidi Hewett of Autodesk

  • AutoCAD WS Blog - blog for AutoCAD users, by Autodesk

  • Autodesk Manufacturing Northern Europe Blog - official blog of Autodesk Manufacturing technical team based in Northern Europe, includes news, tips, tricks, advice, updates on products, by multiple authors

  • Autodesk University - by Autodesk's Joseph Wurcher

  • Axis CAD Solutions - tips, information related to CAD, visualization, more by Rob Rodriguez

  • Being Civil - about Civil 3D by Brian Kling, Jason Hickey, Justin Ziemba of Autodesk

  • beside the cursor - AutoCAD related by Richard Binning, whose interests seem to include VBA, AutoLISP, customizing

  • Beth's CAD Blog - for Autodesk products used in architectural realm - AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Building Systems, Revit, Viz by Beth Powell

  • Between the Lines - AutoCAD blog by Shaan Hurley of Autodesk

  • Between the Walls - Architectural Desktop blog by Chris Yanchar of Autodesk

  • Beyond the Paper - advanced technologies for design, review, virtualization by Autodesk's Volker Joseph

  • Beyond the Silos - information related to BIM, Revit, by Aaron Vorwerk

  • Bimboom - blogs related to Revit, BIM, Rendering, Navisworks

  • Bimpod - BIM related blogs

  • (bim)x - about using Revit, NavisWorks, other programs for virtual design, construction by Laura Handler of Tocci Building Corporation

  • BIM & BEAM - about Revit Structure by Autodesk's Nicolas Mangon, Wai Chu, Tom Culotta

  • BIM and IPD - about BIM, integrated project delivery by Tony Isenhoff

  • BIM Apps - information related to API applications for Autodesk’s BIM tools, by Emile Kfouri

  • BIM Blog - tips, information about Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD architecture, more by multiple authors (in German)

  • BIM Blog.ca - information on BIM process, Revit architecture, Revit MEP, Revit Structure, Navisworks, by Dimitri Harvalias, Edwin Guerra, Bob Heyman

  • BIM Civil - about AutoCAD, BIM, Civil 3D, by Gaurav Bagga

  • BIM for real - information related to Revit, BIM in construction, architecture, design

  • BIM Integrated Design - information related to BIM

  • BIM New World - about BIM, by Teresa Martin

  • BIM on the Rocks - about Civil 3D by Dana Breig Probert, PE, of Autodesk

  • BIM Technologist - about BIM, Revit, CAD and more by authors Ryan McGarrie and Mark Thorley

  • BIM ThinkSpace - about CAE, BIM data sharing methodologies by Bilal Succar

  • BIM Toolbox - tips, information, views on BIM, Autodesk technologies, by multiple authors

  • BIM Troublemaker - blog covering architecture, BIM, Revit related information

  • BIM Wits - tips, procedures related to Revit, BIM

  • BIMology - provides useful tips for architectural desktop users, by Tomislav Zigo

  • BLAUGI - official blog of Autodesk Users Group International

  • BLDGSIM - video and information on importing Revit Architecture into Unity3D
  • Blog Neyton - about Civil 3D, AutoCAD, AutoLISP, by Neyton Luiz Dalle Molle (in Portuguese)
  • Bobrow Website - Eric Bobrow's blog, collection of free ArchiCAD tips, tricks articles, video tutorials, free training materials 
  • Boost Your BIM - about making Autodesk Revit better with API programming, by Harry Mattison
  • Bradley BIM - about Revit training, technical support for Bradley Revit library, BIM initiative by Daniel Hughes
  • Brian Curran Blog - about everything related to AutoCAD
  • Breaking Down Walls - about Autodesk building products (ADT, Revit) by Matt Dillon

  • Budweiser Blog - company information, CAD, GIS news more, by Vladimir Michl, J Binter

  • Buildipedia - news, tips about building, architecture

  • The Building Coder - about Revit API by Autodesk's Jeremy Tammik

  • C3D Benelux - about AutoCAD, Civil 3D, by multiple authors (in Dutch)

  • C3D CAD Manager - about AutoCAD, Civil 3D more, by Todd Nochomson

  • C3D Cougar - tips, information about AutoCAD, Civil 3D environment

  • C3DXtreme - tips on Civil 3D, by Justin Ralston

  • CAD & 3D - software, resources for designers, architects, graphics artists

  • CAD Addict - tips on Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, Maxwell, more by Marti Broquetas

  • CAD-1 Blog - about Autodesk software by reseller

  • CAD-a-Blog - about CAD tips, drafting techniques, tech news, more, by Brian Benton

  • CADit - about CAD, BIM, GIS, IPD, VCD, PLM, more by John Benstead

  • CADman-Do - tips, information about CAD, by David Cohn

  • CAD Application Development - developing software that works with Autodesk applications by Matt Mason

  • CADFanatic.com - about SolidWorks by Brian McElyea

  • Cadline - tips, information, tutorial about AutoCAD, BIM, Civil 3D, Inventor, 3D Max, Vault more, by multiple authors

  • CAD Clues - tips, information related to AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor, more by Gil Cordle

  • The CAD Geek - information about AutoCAD, Civil 3D, CAD management, more, by Donnie Gladfelter

  • CAD Graphics BlogWorks - about SolidWorks, cover topics to encourage SolidWorks CAD entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers by Michael Wallom

  • CAD Guru - BIM, Revit tips for architects, engineers, contractors, by Emmanuel Garcia

  • The CAD Industry - commentary on CAD industry, interoperability by Evan Yares

  • CAD Insider - CAD, CAM, CAE industry insights, new, interesting products, more by TenLinks' Roopinder Tara

  • The CAD Masters - about AutoCAD architecture, Revit, BIM, Civil 3D, MEP, vault, more, by multiple authors

  • CAD Notes - AutoCAD, general CAD tips, tricks, tutorials by Edwin Prakoso

  • CAD Panacea - AutoCAD links, tips, more by RK McSwain

  • CAD Pilot - posts on Civil 3D, The Jump Platform, Autodesk USCA County Kit by Tench Tilghman

  • CAD Professor - about AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, 3D CAD software, by Sunith Babu

  • CAD Shack - about Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP by Todd Shackelford

  • CAD Speed - blog focussing on hardware for 3D CAD applications by multiple authors

  • CAD Studio Blog - general information about CAD, GIS applications, by Vladimir Michl, J.Binter

  • CAD Tutorials - tutorials, tricks, tips for using AutoCAD, CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks, Mastercam

  • CADDManager blog - sharing thoughts, ideas, musings, more by Mark W. Kiker

  • CFD Analysis Consulting Blog - about computational fluid dynamics, thermal solutions, by Imaginit Technologies

  • Civil - Made in France - (French) by Autodesk's Willy Luce

  • Civil 3D AOS - about Civil 3D, related topics by Wes Ashworth

  • Civil 3D Blog - tips, information about AutoCAD, Civil 3D, other CAD applications, by Vladimir Michl, Martin Folber (in Czech)

  • Civil 3D Br - information, tips about 3D, by Daniel Queiroz, Daphne Couri (in Portuguese)

  • Civil3D Easy - about AutoCAD, Civil 3D (in Polish)

  • The Civil 3D Experience - about Civil 3D, by Harold Alberto

  • Civil 3D: Fierce Solutions - workflows, tools, specifically for AutoCAD Civil 3D environment
  • Civil 3D Guru - about Civil 3D, by Chad Studer
  • Civil 3D Peanuts - tips, information about Civil 3D, by Edward Winter
  • Civil 3D Plus - about Civil 3D, AutoCAD, more by Brian Hailey
  • Civil 3D Reminders - rarely used but useful commands for Civil 3D by Christopher Fugitt

  • Civil 3D Trix - information about Civil 3D, by Bill Neuhauser

  • Civil 3D with Dirt Diva - tips, information for Autodesk's Civil 3D by Melanie Santer

  • Civil 4D - blog dealing with AutoCAD, Civil 3D topics, by multiple authors

  • Civil Digest - blog on AutoCAD, Civil 3D, by Autodesk’s Juan Soto, Istvan Voiculescu

  • Civil Intentions - blog covering various Civil 3D, AutoCAD topics, by Donal McMoreland

  • Civilized Development - by Isaac Rodriguez, software development lead for AutoCAD Civil 3D API

  • Classroom Connection - education and real world application by Autodesk's Brian Donnelly

  • COFES Blog - Congress on Future of Engineering Software
  • complexitys - blog on Rhino, architecture, complex geometry, more, multiple contributors (in French)

  • Computer Aided Blog - information on structural optimization, engineering, structural design by Gheorghe Ionica, from Romania
  • Computer-Aided Design - CAD related information for architects, contractors, by Emmanuel Garcia

  • Connected - about Constructware, AEC project collaboration by Autodesk's Jason Pratt, Mike Gemmell 

  • Cracking the Vault - about Vault by Autodesk's Richard Rankin, Jason Summerfield, Francesco Tonioni

  • Creaform Blog - news, opinions, tips, tricks about new 3D technologies, new methodologies, multiple authors

  • Crossing the Line - blog about AutoCAD, Civil 3D, by Tommie Richardson

  • Cup o CAD .NET - blog with samples, tutorials, programming for AutoCAD with .NET API by Bert Vanpeteghem

  • Daily AutoCAD - news, articles, lessons on AutoCAD by Orhan Toker

  • Daily CAD CAM - blog covering AEC, MCAD, GCAD, CAM, PLM, CFD related information

  • Davetyner - about AutoCAD Plant 3D, Autoplant, plant software, 3DS Max, Maxscript, by multiple authors

  • DaVinci - about Alias by Autodesk's Michal Jelinek

  • Deelip.com - about CAD, business, CAD industry and CAD media by Deelip Menezes

  • Design Cubed - about architecture, Revit, more by Stephen

  • Design-Engine/Education - blog with Pro/E tutorials, tips, training, more by Brat Brejcha

  • Design and Motion - Autodesk design, manufacturing applications, interoperability, digital prototyping by John Evans

  • Dezignstuff - product design, 3D CAD modeling, and SolidWorks, by Matt Lombard, author of SolidWorks Bible

  • Digging Into Civil 3D - tips, tutorials about AutoCAD, Civil 3D, more by Rick Ellis

  • digitalurban.org - techniques to visualize cityscape, work at Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London by Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith

  • The Dirt - about Autodesk Civil3D and mapping, GIS by Autodesk's Pete Kelsey

  • Do U Revit - blog on Revit, BIM by Dave Baldacchino, Steven Campbell

  • dODDS and Ends - about Autodesk's construction apps by Autodesk's Jason Dodds

  • Don’t Think: Do Revit - tips, information About Revit, by multiple authors

  • Doug Bowers Consulting - discusses design software for AEC industry

  • Driveworks Blog - blog dealing with software for design automation and product configuration

  • Duct Duct Pipe - Revit MEP blog, by Bill Wright

  • Eat Your CAD - features articles, columns, downloads for CAD users, serves mainly MicroStation industry

  • ECAD - about Autodesk, COADE, other CAD/CAM related products by Kyle Pope of ECAD

  • Ellipsis - by Autodesk technical evangelists Rob Cohee, Justin Hoey, Jay Tedeschi, Brian Sather, Chris Hall

  • Eric Chappell’s Blog - about Civil 3D

  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Revit, BIM, LEED... - blog by Gregory Arkin of CADD Centers of Florida

  • Family Jewels-Creating Quality BIM Content - about Revit by Autodesk's William Spier, Ian McGaw, Martin Schmid, Jason Spleha

  • Form Follows Performance - blog about BIM, Revit, 3D modeling, visualization, architecture, building analysis, more, by Jens Voshage, Kerstin Muller

  • From the Ground Up - about Civil 3D, European perspective by Ove Cervin, Jack Strongitharm of Autodesk

  • Get the Jump On AutoCAD Civil 3D - blog by Tench Tilghman, president, founder of MoreCompetency

  • Graphisoft - BIM engine by ArchiCAD

  • Hanley Innovations - about aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, CAD geometrics, aircraft design more, by Patrick Hanley

  • Hazudra Fodder - blog about CAD, AutoLISP programming

  • HOK BIM Solutions - tips, information related to BIM, by multiple authors

  • HyperPics - about AutoCAD by power user Lee Ambrosius

  • IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog - topics featuring Autodesk manufacturing software, including AutoCAD and Inventor by multiple authors
  • In the Pipes - about Autodesk plant products by Autodesk's Ursula Sadiq

  • Inside the Factory - designing Revit user experience by Autodesk's Tom Vollaro, Erik Egbertson

  • Inside the System - MEP BIM, sustainability, new technology by Autodesk's Kyle Bernhardt

  • iRevit - blog on Revit, BIM, by Craig Barbieri

  • It’s All Just Ones and Zeros - Vault customization by Autodesk's Doug Redmond

  • It's Alive in Lab - about Autodesk Labs by Autodesk's Scott Sheppard

  • Jeff's Tool Shed - about SolidWorks by Jeff Mirisola

  • Joel Howe’s Blog - about 2D, 3D animation services, interactive content production, more

  • JTB World - software engineering/architecture/development, CAD, AutoCAD, ADT, VB.NET, VBA, AutoLISP, Access, SQL Server, more

  • Knowing What You Don't Know About CAD - Autodesk products for building designers, engineers by Mike Massey

  • The Kung Fu Drafter - CAD centric blog with tutorials, reviews, general CAD information, humor, also covering other technology updates by Curt Moreno

  • Land Development Engineering - about Civil 3D by Kevin Spear

  • Larry Young Live - about Civil 3D, Map 3D, by Larry Young

  • Learn AutoCAD - by Daryl Gregoire

  • Learn ADT - about Autodesk's Architectural Desktop by Daryl Gregoire

  • Lenny's SolidWorks Resources - by Lenny Kikstra

  • LT is Still AutoCAD - AutoCAD LT blog by Penn Dean

  • LT Unlimited - AutoCAD LT by Autodesk's Kate Morrical

  • The Mad Cadder - discussion of Autodesk products, Architectural Desktop, Building Systems, Revit, plus tips, tricks, information from other resources

  • Mastercam - blog based on Mastercam news, tech tips and articles

  • MEP BIM Engineer - about AutoCAD MEP, architectural desktop, Revit architecture, Revit MEP, by David Butts

  • MEP-BIM-Guru - Autodesk Revit blog, by Phil Pleiss

  • MicroConcepts Blog - Autodesk inventor, mechanical blog providing engineering productivity solutions

  • Mike Puckett's Blog - about SolidWorks

  • Mistress of Dorkness - CAD technology, especially FM, BIM by Melanie Stone

  • Morphorm - about Alias by Autodesk's Kevin Richards, Jamie Gilchrist, Chris Hall

  • Mountain-Wave - SolidWorks tips, tricks podcasts by Ben Eadie

  • Navisworks InfoCenter - tips, news about Autodesk Navisworks products, by Autodesk’s Dwane Lindsey

  • Novedge - blog by graphics, design store

  • ObjectARX & Dummies - learn about ObjectARX, AutoCAD programming by Fernando Malard

  • Off Course - On Target - by Autodesk's Wayne Hodgins

  • OrthoGraph Blog - news, events, product releases about the Orthograph Software family

  • Outside the Box - about AutoCAD, ObjectARX by Owen Wengerd

  • Para-analytics - blogs related to Revit, BIM

  • Paradigm Shift - blogs on BIM, Revit, more by Sean Burke

  • Paul Hamilton's Blog - views, opinions, about CAD, PLM, product development process, focused on explicit/direct modeling

  • Phil Bernstein's Blog - AEC insights, trends by Autodesk's Phil Bernstein

  • Phil-osophy in BIM - about BIM, Revit, architecture, technology, by Philip Chan

  • Pinoy CAD+Coin new - tips, tricks about AutoCAD, design software related to architecture, engineering, construction

  • PLM Think Tank - about product life cycle management, by Oleg Shilovitsky

  • Process Design from Outside - about AutoCAD Plant 3D, by multiple authors

  • Ray Kurland's Blog - view on mechanical CAD/PLM industry, its happenings

  • Revitdialog - provide tips on Revit architecture

  • Render Plus - about tools to enhance Google SketchUp

  • Revit Archcenter - talks about Revit methods by Dwane Lindsay

  • Revit Beginners - discusses questions, tips regarding Revit, by David Duarte

  • The Revit Blog - about Revit, by James Herndon

  • RevitCat - about Revit tips, tricks by Tim Waldock

  • Revit Clinic - by Autodesk's Harlan Brumm, Kathryn Langan, Jeremy Smith, Ryan Duell

  • Revit Coaster - about Revit, by Troy Gates

  • Revit Detail - news, tutorials, blogs about Revit, BIM, by Peter McCarthy

  • Revit Fact Check - tips, tricks about BIM, Revit, by Jay Zallan

  • Revit Fix - discusses tips, fixes, workarounds, findings related to Autodesk’s Revit architecture, by Brian Renehan

  • Revit Futures - about Revit modeling tools, families, categories, hosting, by Kelly Cone

  • Revit in Plain English - about Autodesk Revit by Jay Polding

  • REVITit - tips, tricks about Revit Families, renderings, lighting more, by multiple authors

  • Revitize - about Revit, AutoCAD by Nicholas Iyadurai

  • Revittize - information related to Revit, BIM, roofs, rendering, more, by Albuquerque

  • Revit Journeyman - Revit Architecture Blog focusing on BIM, Sustainable Design, Project Collaboration by multiple authors
  • The Revit Kid - useful tips, tutorial, videos on Revit

  • Revit MEP - blogs about Revit, BIM workflows, building performance analysis, by Scott Brisk

  • Revit OpEd - by independent consultant Steve Stafford

  • Revit Rants - about using Revit, various work processes, tricks by Chris Price

  • Revit Rocks - for 'all things Revit,' by Daryl Gregoire

  • Revit Rossbar - blog covering various CAD, Revit, BIM topics, by multiple authors

  • Ricky Jordan's Blog - about SolidWorks

  • Rob Rodriguez Blog - about SolidWorks

  • RobiNZ CAD Blog - CAD, design by Robin Capper, New Zealand

  • RockSolid Perspective - SolidWorks news, tips, tricks by Jason Raak

  • Rod Howarth Blog - focus on Revit API, C#, ASP.NET by Rod Howarth
  • Savailt’s Blog - about 3D plant design, desktop engineering, design systems, more
  • Shark Attack - blog with tips, tutorials, news related to Punch! Software's ViaCAD, Shark CAD products by Tim Olson

  • Simply Civil 3D - about Civil 3D

  • Simply Complex - about modeling complex geometry in AEC industry using Autodesk products, by Marcello Sgambelluri

  • SketchUpdate - about SketchUp, rendering, 3D printing, more

  • SketchUp-Ur-Space - tips, blogs, articles, interviews, tutorials on SketchUp

  • smallGuru - blog with tutorials, screencasts on customizing Inventor, CAD

  • SolidJott - SolidWorks tips, tricks, information, add-ins, more by Ben Eadie

  • SolidMentor - SolidWorks video tutorials, tips, news by Ben Eadie

  • SOLIDNotes - about SolidWorks by reseller Graphic Systems

  • SolidSmack - about SolidWorks, CAD by Josh Mings

  • The SolidThinking Blog - about solidThinking

  • SolidWorks Blog - journal of topics related to 3D solid modeling, SolidWorks, for discussion of SolidWorks related topics by SolidWorks

  • SolidWorks Geeks - forum, blog, gallery by Alex Ruiz

  • SolidWorks: Heard! - tips, tech talk podcasts by Digital Dimensions

  • SolidWorks Teacher - for assisting Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) instructors in incorporating SolidWorks into their course curriculum

  • Spiderinnet1 - blog covering various Add-In/API wizards, coders, widgets related to AutoCAD .NET

  • Synergis CAD Blog - source of information for Autodesk software users

  • Systems Design Blog - tips, information related to AutoCAD Electrical, by Autodesk’s Ananda Arasu, Jared Bunch

  • Talking Transportation - blog related to Autodesk transportation in Civil 3D, by Wes Newman, Alan Gilbert

  • Tampa Bay Revit User Group - about Revit, by Patrick Davis

  • Tech Clarity new - articles, research reports related to PLM, CAD, CAM, CAE, manufacturing strategies

  • Ted Boardman's Visualization Blog -3D visualization covering Autodesk's 3ds Max, related subjects

  • Terminal AutoCAD - blog about automating AutoCAD Electrical, by Stan Wile

  • Through the Interface - about AutoCAD development by Autodesk's Kean Walmsley

  • Thomas Parel Industrial Design Blog

  • To3D Mechanical CAD - about 3D, cloud, collaboration, design, by Jim Foster

  • Tony's Civil 3D World - more information on Civil 3D
  • Total CAD Systems - blog dealing with Autodesk products, MEP, Plant 3D more, by multiple authors
  • Up and Ready - information about Autodesk software by multiple authors
  • Village BIM - information about Autodesk Revit, BIM, AEC Autodesk Vault, more by multiple authors (in French)
  • Voice of Community - Autodesk user groups by Autodesk's Ray Eisenberg

  • What a Mesh! - AutoCAD 3D modeling, workflows by Autodesk's Guillermo Melantoni

  • What’s the Word on AutoCAD - news, tips, tricks, support on AutoCAD, by Issac Harper

  • What Revit Wants - tips, blogs on Autodesk Revit, by Luke Johnson

  • Who’s Afraid of Big Bad BIM - about BIM, AEC, building analysis, more by Erik Lewis

  • Will Render for Food - BIM, Revit, more, by Beau Turner

  • Without A Net - about AutoCAD, AutoCAD support issues by Autodesk's Tom Stoeckel, Silvia Menon, Shawn Niles

  • WorldCAD Access - commentary on various CAD subjects, by Ralph Grabowski

  • Zooming with Revit - tips, tricks about Revit architecture, BIM, by Greg McDowell Jr


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