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AutoCAD LT Add-ons

  • !Slingshot Max - freeware adds vpclip, xclip, image commands to AutoCAD LT, by drcauto.com
  • Cadig - makers of AutoTable for import Excel spreadsheets to AutoCAD LT
  • CADlogic - makers of LT Architect, which offers parametric design capabilities, easy elevations, building sections creation,, VR Architect, which runs on LT Architect to enhance production of 3D walk-through, visualizations

  • CADSTA Software - add-ons for AutoCAD LT

  • DSYMS - symbols add-on available as single pull down for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, by PennDean
  • GlobalCAD - add-ons for AutoCAD, Bricscad Pro, AutoCAD LT
  • MITCalc - mechanical design calculations such as gears, springs, beams, more, Excel-based
  • Smart Architect - generate 2D drawings, 3D models with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, use program to design walls, windows, doors, roofs, more
  • SSMPropEditor - edit sheet, custom properties, compatible with AutoCAD LT, by JTB World