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  1. Autodesk Architectural Desktop - lots of good information from the creators of Autodesk Architectural Desktop
  2. ARCHIdigm - tutorials about Architectural Desktop, published quarterly
  3. CAD Forum ADT tips - many tips applicable for ADT
  4. ADT Discussion Group 
  5. e-SPECS - automates specifications by extracting product and material requirements directly from the project drawings, by InterSpec (reviews)
  6. 3D+ - structural analysis program integrated with ADT, by CSC
  7. Fences eKit - library of styles to help create fences in Architectural Desktop, by ARCHIdigm (reviews)
  8. hsbCAD - several modules for design of timber and steel frame buildings, add-on for AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop (reviews)
  9. VisionREZ - modeling, drafting, costing, framing and visualization, works with Autodesk Architectural Desktop or by itself, by Ameri-CAD (reviews)
  10. ADTlink - imports CAD drawings from RAM Structural System, by AMS

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