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  1. Visio - home page at Microsoft Office
  2. Microsoft Visio Information - list of newsgroups, information sites, download sites, common questions, wish list and more, by Magma
  3. Beginners Guide to Visio - best ways to use Visio, for newbies
  4. Visio Developer Portal - tutorials, links, other information, by Microsoft
  5. VisioZone - news, tips, tricks for Visio users
  6. Visio Insights - tips & tricks from Microsoft Visio product team
  7. Visimation - Visio developer, consultant, certification, site contains tips, tricks, downloads, more
  8. Piping Isometrics - stencil details by Junuchi Yoda, free download
  9. Tek-Tips Visio Enterprise Forumx - discussion group for Visio, by Tecumseh Group
  10. Visio Pro Reviews - Visio Pro review by Jill Bowers
  • wideman-one - articles, resources by Graham Wideman
  • Visio Reviews - reviews from G2 Crowd
  • Electra - Visio-based electrical CAD software by Radica Software
  • Visio Guy - collection of Visio tips, add-ons, other utilities, also free downloads, articles and FAQ's, from Chris Roth