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AutoCAD Add-Ons - General Productivity

  • ACA db - use AutoCAD Architecture or MEP in BIM process, import/exports, updates property set to external databases, by JTB World
  • AcadCalc - performs calculations inside AutoCAD, from NYacad
  • ACAD db - use AutoCAD with external database, updates block attribute values, synchronizes value changes, by JTB World
  • Acad Officer - AutoCAD utilities with 18 programs, VBA, AutoLISP routines for structural/architectural design, drafting, steel detailing, by NYacad
  • Agni Link - CAD-ERP data integration system, by Elmo Solutions 
  • APLUS - Architectural Extension for AutoCAD based on Visual Lisp programming language
  • AutoCAD Automation Tools - creates multiple drawings from typical drawing or updated based on control file created with Excel template, separate AutoLISP files can be loaded for each drawing, by JTB World
  • Autodesk App Store - plug-ins, add-ons, extensions for AutoCAD
  • AutoErase - deletes AutoCAD's temporary files, by ArchMedia
  • Bradwell Designs - makers of AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT drawing utilities, including 1192Layer, 1192Core, 1192Architect, 1192Global, 1192View
  • CAD Detail Management Software - allows full keyword search for CAD details, visual drill down search, preview, print CAD details, from Mill Creek Systems
  • Cadig - makers of TableBar, toolbar for AutoCAD table commands
  • CADPower - add-on that helps increase AutoCAD, BrisCAD productivity, by 4D Technologies
  • DotSoft - offers productivity tools like ToolPac, PDF Import, XL2CAD, SuperScript, Word2CAD for AutoCAD
  • DeliCAD - offers add-ons, other utilities for AutoCAD, BricsCAD
  • DimNotes - easily adds dimension notes, objects in AutoCAD, at different locations, replaces existing notes, more, by JTB World
  • DWG Columns - shows DWG properties, metadata in Explorer columns, in file dialog boxes within AutoCAD, sorts files based on any columns available, by JTB World
  • DwgInfoTip - shows DWG properties such as version, file size, date modified as Infotip in Explorer or from file dialog boxes within AutoCAD, by JTB World
  • EduFinder - educational plot stamp finder for AutoCAD DWG drawing files
  • emisCAD - enhanced AutoCAD tools for CAFM drawing management, by ‚ÄčComputer Aided Business Systems
  • Engineered Design Solutions - provider of Chronos, automatic time logging utility for AutoCAD, Rockford, IL
  • Furix - AutoCAD tools such as Better WMF, to enhance cut-and-paste function from AutoCAD to Word, CompareDWG, to find differences between two revisions of drawing
  • HatchPatterns.com - download hatch patterns, including wood, stone hatch patterns for all versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT
  • Hurricane PowerTool for AutoCAD - editing enhancements include ability to easily create batch scripts for processing multiple drawings, from 74mph.com
  • kitox toolset - application for AutoCAD consists of couple different command sets, makes drafting work faster, easier
  • ManuSoft - several useful programs for AutoCAD users including SuperPurge to clean up drawings, Periscope to provide information on objects under cursor
  • Multi-Batch - create scripts with graphical user interface to automate command sequences, processes in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
  • PRO Menu - offers more than 80 commands for fewer mouse clicks, keystrokes, from MultiCIM
  • REDsdk - graphic features for real-time 2D, real-time 3D and photo-realistic rendering, by Redway3D
  • SmartPurger - batch processing utility that allows you to purge, script multiple AutoCAD drawings, file time stamp can be restored, by JTB World
  • SSMPropEditor - allows to edit properties like revision, date, name on multiple sheets belonging to AutoCAD's Sheet Set Manager, AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator Sheet Set View, by JTB World
  • TC Fonts - SHX fonts, TrueType fonts
  • TimeTracker - utility to track time spent in AutoCAD, or MicroStation CAD drawings, by Mill Creek Systems
  • TimberTool - add-on for AutoCAD Architecture, related products, converts closed polylines into mass elements, works with timber, lumber, structural steel, concrete shapes, by JTB World
  • XClipClean - deletes, trims geometry outside xclip boundary in AutoCAD when blocks, xrefs are clipped using XCLIP command, by JTB World
  • Zak Morris Company - products for Autodesk's AutoCAD Includes VisualTablet, PCJobber Dimensional Calculator, Soft Engine display list driver, ergonomic Contour Mouse