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Application Service Providers

  • 3D PartStream.NET - online service from SolidWorks integrates live 3D models into fully customized, Web-based product catalogs, e-commerce systems
  • Ariba B2B Commerce Platform - suite of applications for automating enterprise-wide procurement processes, building state-of-the-art business-to-business marketplaces, selling to new customer markets, bringing commerce services online 
  • Autodesk Streamline - service for small, mid-size manufacturers to share personalized design data, via VizStream technology from RealityWave (reviews)
  • Autotask - offers Web-based project tracking tools that run inside AutoCAD to help handle deadlines, cost overruns, deliverables, time/billing information
  • Aventail - managed service delivers single infrastructure that securely connects business partners, mobile employees to wide variety of legacy or Web applications (reviews)
  • Click Commerce Collaboration Manager - browser-based channel management suite to allow collaboration among global enterprises, channel partners, design teams, suppliers
  • CoCreate - provides design collaboration through OneSpace, FirstSpace; 2D/3D CAD, data management with Engineering Solution based on SolidDesigner, Design Management, product development, workflow management tools
  • Constructware ASP - provides building enterprise-wide collaboration from design, pre-construction through project management, closeout. Includes browser-based Design Collaboration toolkit, for view, mark-up of all major types of CAD drawings, graphics, photos, text file types.
  • Cosential - allows AEC firms integrated project management, from proposal stage to post-project client relations
  • e-CFD - on-demand service for computational fluid dynamics analysis by Exa (reviews)
  • e2open - network for electronics industry for collaboration among OEMs, contract manufacturers, distributors, suppliers
  • eMPower - suite of four applications for developing, communicating, operating optimal manufacturing processes, from Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd.
  • Engineering-e.com - mechanical simulation, analysis by MSC.Software (reviews)
  • Entomo SmartHub/SRM - online SRM, strategic sourcing applications that electronically link manufacturers with their direct materials supply chain
  • eReview - provides multiple participants to collaborate on documents, drawings, CAD files in real-time using only Web browser. From Allegria Software. (reviews)
  • Fullscope - provides diverse online services from single interface for small- to medium-sized businesses
  • Hummingbird EIP - offers scalability, administrative capabilities, application integration, collaboration
  • IDweb - integrates portfolio, resource, project management tools for product development professionals. From Integrated Development Enterprise, Inc., (IDe).
  • LoadSpring Solutions - offers three collaborative engineering applications: Collaborative Application Management (CAM) Console, SolutionsOEM, InsidEnterprise
  • ManufacturingQuote.com - for buyers, suppliers of manufactured parts. Buyers can post, sort RFQs by criteria, receive, sort quotes by criteria, analyze RFQ activity, collaborate with suppliers. (reviews)
  • Net-It Central - allows Intranet, extranet users to instantly publish, read, search, subscribe to business documents, using any browser or file or Web server. From Informative Graphics Corp.
  • OfficeCAD - online CAD, DWG compatible
  • PlaceWare - offers Web conferencing tools for holding meetings over Internet
  • plasticszone.com - Internet-enabled application solves injection molding analysis. Pay once per model. (reviews)
  • PrimeContract - provides Web-based collaboration to share, manage projects, e-commerce tools to prepare, submit, negotiate monthly progress payments, division of Primavera Systems
  • ProjectShare.com - browser-based service provides collaboration for various projects, enables users without AutoCAD to post, view, annotate AutoCAD files
  • ProjectTalk.com - Meridian Project System's project-management community for AEC industry allows building team to create, manage projects over Internet via applications, eCommerce tools, industry information
  • searchASP.com - provides technology-specific search engine, plus ASP news, advice, links for vendors,  related resources picked by editors. From TechTarget.com.
  • Simulation Center - provides online access to several applications for simulation, analysis. From MSC.Software
  • SMARTTEAM - offers several suites of collaborative applications for manufacturing teams, enterprises, supply chains (reviews)
  • TimeLedger - browser-based time, expense tracking software for billing, cost accounting, project management, by Equative Inc. (reviews)
  • Tools4CAM.com - one-stop location to research, try, buy CAM-related products, services
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