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  • 3D Systems - provides 3D modeling, manufacturing machines, rapid prototyping
  • 3D Digital - manufacturers of non contact laser scanners, USB 3D offers Optix 400 series laser scanners
  • Accufusion - NC technology based services, products, 3D printing process for creating parts, prototypes from alloys
  • Aaroflex - manufactures Aaroflex Solid Imager, creates 3D physical models from CAD, CT, MRI files, based on SLA technology
  • Arcam - provides EBM based free form fabrication technology for rapid manufacturing of parts from metal powder for medical implants, Sweden
  • Arevo Labs new - develops technology related to advanced materials, printing, algorithms to optimize mechanical properties of printed parts
  • Autostrade - manufacturers of E-Darts solid printer, desktop SLA apparatus, Japan
  • Beijing Yinhua - provides RP machines like MEM 320, 450, materials like ABS, DSM Somos, China
  • Bertrandt - prototyping automobiles, using laser sintering, stereolithography, vacuum die casting
  • BotMill - manufactures desktop 3D printers, kits, materials, accessories 
  • Boxford - manufactures RapidPro software, creates solid models from any CAD files, UK
  • CAD CAM Connect - offers industry news, trends, user forums, discussion groups and various deals on different CAD/CAM products
  • C.ideas - rapid prototyping, 3D printing company 
  • CMET - manufactures, sells SLA systems, photo-curable resins, products like RM600ll, RM3000
  • Concept Laser GmbH - member of Hofmann Innovative Group, works on laser melting technology, developers of LaserCusing, Laser marking, Germany
  • Denken Engineering - bench-top stereolithography, Japan
  • Deskartes - 3D industrial designing software for rapid prototyping, 3D printing, developers of View Expert, 3Data Expert
  • DeskProto - 3D CAM software package for rapid prototyping, by Delft Spline Systems
  • Desktop Factory - manufactures, sells 125ci 3D Printer for rapid prototyping
  • Dimension 3D Printing - business unit of Stratasys, offers Dimension 1200es series 3D printers
  • DMEC - developers of SCS systems, also offers sales, maintenance, sells UV curable resins - DESOLITE, Japan
  • DSM Somos - ProtoFunctional rapid prototyping materials
  • Ennex - developing the Genie Studio Fabber, based on Offset Fabbing technology
  • envisionTEC - computer aided modeling devices (CAMOD), Perfactory system for rapid prototyping, concept modeling, Bioplotter (Germany)
  • EOS - EOSINT laser sintering machines, Germany
  • Fab @ Home - online source for fabbers- machines for 3D printing
  • F&S Stereolithographietechnik GmbH - manufacturers of FS-Realizer Systems for rapid prototyping, Germany
  • FCubic - developers of technology for making steel parts by Inkjet technology, Sweden
  • Fortus 3D Production Systems - various systems for direct digital manufacturing, prototypes, parts using thermoplastics, including ABS plastic, polycarbonate, PPSF, blends, ULTEM 9085, more, by Stratasys
  • FUJIFILM Dimatix - subsidiary of FUJIFILM, manufactures Inkjet print heads, industrial printing, imaging systems
  • HRT - developers, manufacturers of metal cladding, coating systems, offers PMD technology
  • Inno-Shape - developers of direct LaserForming technology, products like TrumaForm LF series, Germany
  • KL TECHNIK - rapid prototyping vendor, Germany
  • Konica Minolta - manufactures non contact 3D laser scanners, 3D digitizing instruments, VIVID 9i
  • Materialise - software/services, headquarters in Belgium with offices in Europe and US
  • Mcor IRIS - easy-to-use, eco-friendly 3D color printer with rich color, safe build materials, by Mcor Technologies
  • mcor matrix - 3D printer uses A4 sized paper to create 3D parts
  • Mcor Technologies - specializes in manufacturing paper 3D printers, software, CAD/CAM applications, based in Co. Louth, Ireland
  • MCP - systems, processes for rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, systems like MCP Vacuum Casting, MCP Realizer, UK
  • MeshWorks - mesh editing software to create, transform and modify meshes, usable for rapid prototyping, by Floating Point Solutions
  • Meiko RPS - offers support services for Rapid Prototyping, like 3D software, SLA equipments, Japan
  • MegaPrint new - prepress, complete finishing shop offering large format printing, laminating, mounting
  • microLS GmbH - developers of microLS technology, utilized in making metal, ceramic prototypes, Germany
  • microTEC - microstereolithography system designed for miniature parts, Germany
  • NeuTech Associates - laser sintering, stereolithography, fused deposition modeling and CNC machining
  • Next Engine - manufactures Desktop 3D scanner for rapid prototyping, medical, architecture sectors, offers ScanStudio Core, RapidWorks
  • Next Factory - makers of Digitalwax series, photopolymer-based machines for jewelry industry, Italy
  • Objet Geometries - develops rapid prototyping systems for creating accurate, detailed 3D models using PolyJet Inkjet technology
  • OPEN MIND Technologies AG - develops CAD/CAM solutions used by companies to speed up, streamline, increase production processes, efficiency
  • Optomec - Directed Material Deposition Systems
  • Phenix - provides rapid manufacturing systems based on laser sintering, products like PM 250, PM 100 systems, France
  • Pro-Metal - 3D printing process, creates metal tool, parts, molds, by Ex-One Company
  • Rapidform - 3D scanning software, by INUS Technology, South Korea
  • Rep-Rap - replicating 3D printing rapid prototyping machine
  • Roland - bench top systems combine milling devices, advanced materials and bundled CAM software to generate manufacturable prototypes
  • RPC - Rapid Prototyping Chemicals (RPC) provides a selection of stereolithography resins and urethane polymers for casting applications, Switzerland
  • Shanghai Union Tech - carries out research on SLA technology, supplies RP machines like RS series laser sintering systems, IMC-300 for metal casting, more, China
  • Solido - manufacturers of SD300 3D printer, describe themselves as the makers of first 3D desktop printer, Israel
  • Solidscape - manufacturers of 3D modeling RP systems, products like R66, T612 Benchtop 3D printing systems
  • Soligen - tooling for pattern less investment castings
  • Sony Precision Technology - manufacturers of test, measurement devices and rapid prototyping systems
  • Speed Part RP AB - produces machines , materials used in Free form fabrication, machines like Speed Part RP3, materials like VT3 powder, Sweden
  • Stratasys - Genisys Xs 3D printer, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) systems, Prodigy
  • Stratoconception - developers of process of decomposition of CAD model into Strata using micro milling, laser cutting for making prototypes, France
  • Viztu Technologies - creates simple easy-to-use 3d tools, cloud-based software, provides multi-dimensional scanning and content creation solutions
  • William Frick & Company - customer-driven manufacturer of specialty labeling, marking products, based in Libertyville, Illinois
  • xPC Target - real-time rapid control prototyping, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, by MathWorks 
  • XYZprinting new - offers cost-effective 3D printing to consumers, households
  • Z Corp - Z402 3D printer for concept modeling, based on MIT's ink jet technology


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