• 3D CAM – offers personalized 3D printing quoting services, Chatsworth, CA
  • 3Ding – 3D printing, designing, quoting services, Chennai, India
  • 3D Hubs – provider of 3D printing quoting services
  • 3D Printing Color – quoting services for rapid prototyping or rapid manufacturing, Kalispell, MT
  • 3D Printing Stocks – news, research on 3D printing stock
  • Adaptive Designs – offers 3D printing quotes in addition to design, modeling, rapid prototyping services, based in Costa Mesa, CA
  • Advanced Prototyping Inc (API) – offers instant prototype quotes online
  • API – provider of rapid prototyping, 3D printing, 3D Imaging, instant quoting services, Rochester Hills, MI
  • Builder 3D Printers B.V. – 3D printing quoting services for Builder Extreme or Builder Premium 3D printer
  • DigiFabster – instant quoting services for 3D printing industry
  • HK3DPrint – professional 3D printing, quoting services company, Hong Kong, China
  • Kenco Plastics – produces engineered plastic components, offers online quoting services besides injection molding, mold making, rapid prototyping services, La Porte, IN
  • Laser Sintering – provide solutions related to rapid prototyping & manufacturing services, instant online quoting for plastics, metals, Ladera Ranch, CA
  • ManufacturingQuote.com – for buyers, suppliers of manufactured parts, buyers can post, sort RFQs by criteria, receive, sort quotes by criteria, analyze RFQ activity, collaborate with suppliers
  • MixShop – 3D printing company selling 3D printing materials, provides quoting services, Toronto, Ontario
  • PartSnap – offers 3D printing instant quotes for buying parts online
  • proto3000 – provider of free rapid prototyping, 3D printing service quote once 3D CAD model is uploaded
  • protoCAD – rapid model making, engineering company also offers quoting services, MD
  • RapidMade – company offers  quotes for 3D printing, CNC machining, manufacturing services, Portland, OR
  • RTI Directed Manufacturing – offers STL quoting services, based in Austin, TX
  • SD3D – upload STL file, model to obtain instant quote
  • Sicam – provider of rapid prototyping quoting services in addition to design, 3D printing rapid tooling, manufacturing services, based in Somerville, NJ
  • SmartQuote – online platform for instant 3D printing quoting services
  • Stratasys – offers 3D printing quoting services, Eden Prairie, MN
  • Xometry – provider of 3D printing quoting services with options for instant pricing

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